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A new educational space for teenagers who create the modern world

New generations always surpass previous ones. Innovations, social trends, what was sensational yesterday and what society has been striving for for years, immediately become their life. They come into the world and just don’t know how it could be otherwise.

So access to information, digitalization since they were babies and the culture of social networks have created Generation Z. They don’t wonder if artificial intelligence, tolerance or vegetarians threaten the world, or where is the line between real and virtual. They look beyond the horizon and don’t take seriously the adult’s teachings how to live. And, most likely, they will be the ones to use AI to save the Earth from climate change and to invent high-tech ways not only to prolong human life, but also to make it really healthy, joyful and meaningfull.

The education system that lags behind those who come to receive it is our reality. But learning by heart, we got used to, is needed more for successful work on conveyor than for the formation of top skills of the new age – creativity and critical thinking. Punishment for mistakes hasn’t motivated for a long time, and high results are only where the child can regularly try something new and learn by making mistakes.

People of the new generation require an individual approach and don’t tolerate comparisons with others – each of them feel keenly its uniqueness. They seek communication, exchange, independence. They do not recognize age barriers and demand to be treated as equals. They don’t suffer from sense of guilt, and therefore do not accept manipulation. They want to benefit. And they see no reason to do what they don't like. Especially when they are teenagers.

We know this and that is why we have created a space for teenagers, where there will be everything to feel free: to try something new and make mistakes, to explore trends and invent their own worlds, to easily turn abstract theory into exciting practice. Everything will be close at hand to unleash the potential, gather an exciting portfolio of own work and acquire skills that are highly valued in today's world – the world that belongs to the generation Z.

Welcome to the TUMO Kyiv Center for Creative Technologies!