TUMO is a new kind of educational experience at the intersection of technology and design, based on the latest world trends. 

This is a space created for teenagers. There is everything you need to understand what you are really capable of and reach your maximum potential in the fields you like. 

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Founders and heads

Sam and Sylva Simonian, Founders of TUMO
Sam & Sylva Simonian
Founders of TUMO
Born and raised in Beirut, the Simonians moved to the United States as teenagers. Sam enrolled in the engineering program of the University of Texas at Arlington and went on to co-found Inet, a leading telecommunications company.

The Simonians have always noted the significant contributions Armenian organizations made to their education and success over the years, and have made it a personal endeavor to extend that gift to the current generation of bright and motivated Armenians.

TUMO is a space that reveals the potential of teenagers in Yerevan, Berlin, Paris, Beirut, Tirana, and, from now on, in Kyiv – their greatest step in that direction at the moment. It demonstrates that contributing to youth education is the most valuable investment.
As TUMO's founding CEO, Marie Lou Papazian developed the center's educational program and led the design and construction of its flagship facility.

Prior to TUMO, Marie Lou led The Education for Development Foundation linking Armenian students to their global peers through online educational activities. Previously, she was lead construction manager on prominent high-rise buildings in New York City.

Marie Lou holds a Master's Degree in Computing in Education from the Teachers College at Columbia University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School's General Management Program. In 2019, she received the Ordre des Palmes académiques — a national order bestowed by the French Republic on distinguished academics and figures in the world of culture and education.
Marie Lou Papazian, CEO of TUMO
Marie Lou Papazian
CEO, Simonian Educational Foundation

Artur Garslyan
Founder of Global Genesis group of companies, founder of TUMO Kyiv
Arthur Garslyan is convinced that limits exist only in our heads. Consequently, the possibilities are endless – the only question is the strength of faith and the desire to put them into practice. Therefore, all Global Genesis projects, since its foundation in 2017, have been united by a desire to make innovations interesting and accessible to a wide audience; to inspire those who have innovative ideas but are not confident in their abilities; invest in those who dare to take the first step towards starting their own business.

That is why having become acquainted with TUMO philosophy two years ago, Arthur has done his utmost to make the Center for Creative Technologies a space of self-realization for 3,000 Kyiv teenagers and change their perceptions of etracurricular educational space, their own opportunities and freedom of choice. Thus, the exclusive right to open TUMO Kyiv Center for Creative Technologies, received by Global Genesis, became a logical and extremely important stage in the company's development.
For Nadiya TUMO is not just a new educational institution, it's a space with a completely unique internal ecosystem. She is convinced that the opportunity to be part of the global network of centers for creative technologies and design is an extremely honorable and responsible mission for the whole team in Ukraine.

Prior to leading TUMO in Ukraine, Nadiya Kuzmychova has founded and developed for 14 years a marketing research and consulting agency, working in the national market and commissioned by international companies, as well as teaching at Zaporizhzhya National University, passing on practical knowledge to future generations of sociologists.

Nadiya considers management based on data and quality that has no compromises to be the main principles of her professional activity. It's from this position that all educational and administrative processes in each TUMO center in Ukraine are establishing.

Nadiya Kuzmichova
Head of TUMO project in Ukraine


How long to study at TUMO Kyiv is up to you. We will be glad to see you for 7 years. During this time you will be able to gain practical knowledge in all 8 areas of study and create at least 21 own projects. And also – to work in a team with leading experts of world-famous companies!

If you decide to focus only on specific areas, your training period can be reduced to two years. However, according to our statistics, 92% of TUMO students in different countries strive to maintain a tumonian status for as long as possible. After all, TUMO is a lifestyle full of freedom and opportunities for realization.
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