Game Development

When a student comes to TUMO workshop, he enters a new self-created world. And this is true not only in a figurative sense, but also true quite literally – the entire point of these workshops is to create a new gaming universe from design to programming and everything in between.



Workshop leaders begin by showing students the classics like League of Legends. Though many of the teens are gamers already familiar with the classics, showing them these examples always helps to inspire on their journey through the three levels and encourages them to start imagining the creative possibilities.

Level I is where they begin learning Unity, a program that will soon become their BFF along the game dev journey. It is here that they also start exploring the basics of user interface.

By the end of the first course, each student will have designed a full, game level.



With a full level design already under their belts, students in Level II move on to coding basics through Unity. Here, the focus shifts from design to programming. Students program an entire world including doors with key functions that allow a player to walk between rooms.



This is where the magic happens – when all design and programming skills finally come together. Not only do the teens create a player in Level III, but they also create a villain’s A.I. so that the player is challenged in some way.

The TUMOian undoubtedly discovers a wealth of information from each level they take part in, but the skills they gain are just the beginning. Game development is like an ocean and here they are teached how to swim. By the third level, they know enough to create their own game, but if a student wants to go deeper and reach more islands in the ocean, then we suggest to continue the education by participating in our 3D modeling workshops.

The game development industry is developing very quickly and a great demand for game developers is increasing. And TUMO center alumnuses will be that young generation to fill that need.
Student works

How is the training going

Self-learning activities are short, interactive exercises designed to inspire and build up skills. Coaches help with activities by getting learners unstuck, advising, and providing encouragement.

There are hundreds of activities to choose from, and most are prerequisites that lead to workshops in each learning target.
Workshops are led by specialists across TUMO Kyiv 8 learning targets. They range from beginner to advanced and culminate in individual or team projects.

Each project is published to the participant’s portfolio and is sometimes submitted to competitions and festivals, or published online and on app stores.
Project Labs
Project Labs are offered on an ad hoc basis by top technology and design professionals from around the world. Over 100 of these instructors come to TUMO centers every year to lead advanced labs and to work with TUMO teens on real life projects.

Labs can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.
The TUMO path
TUMO’s innovative Path application combines activities, workshops and labs into a personal learning plan.

The learning plan is a constantly evolving timeline that can span two or more years. It suggests the best route for each learner to take through the TUMO program, and dynamically adapts to their pace and preferences over time. As teens progress through the timeline, completing projects and leveling up, they build up a portfolio of results that becomes their living diploma.


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In TUMO Kyiv you studу not 1, but 3 areas in parallel, to choose from!
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