Music Production

The leap from music lover to music creator is a step that many TUMO students decide to take.

The fulfilling path of studying music, exploring its genres, learning to play various classical and electronic instruments, songwriting, and composing is what our three levels of music workshops are all about. Many teens are interested in music, but they’re afraid to create their own because they haven’t been formally trained. But even tumonians who has never learned “do-re-mi” can, at TUMO, learn how to create music. How do we listen to and create music in the XXI century? Here, students learn not only how to answer this question, but also test it out on our workshops.



At this stage, students receive a foundation in different musical genres, instruments, singing techniques, and learn skills like layering sounds and tracks.

To edit their tracks, workshop participants learn Logic Pro X software, which they continue using as they climb the workshop levels. Teens create rhythms and beats with a MIDI keyboard and, by the end of the level, produce their very own one-minute-long track.

The most important thing that a student learns during the first level is communication. Teens learn how to shape their worldview through music and also look at music through a different, more knowledgeable and professional lens.



What is sound? This is the first question that participants in this level are asked to think about. They learn to work with sound as a natural phenomenon that spreads via waves through solid, liquid, or gas environments. They also learn about the integral role sound design has in films, videogames, and other media.

In this level, TUMO students experiment with various approaches to sound design, sound effects, and ultimately complete a sound design assignment scoring a two to two-and-a-half minute animated film. This is a favorite part of many students. Here, they gain an appreciation for the complexity, versatility, and challenges of working with sound, and learn how to even incorporate natural sounds in both sound design and music production.



By combining the skills they’ve gained thus far, students, understanding their strengths and preferences, create a project of their own choosing.

Thanks to sampling, mashups, beat making, dynamic processing, and other techniques, the piece tumonians produce at this level becomes their calling card. Students who has mastered the program is able to create music and, most importantly, to independently analyze and critique it.
Student works

How is the training going

Self-learning activities are short, interactive exercises designed to inspire and build up skills. Coaches help with activities by getting learners unstuck, advising, and providing encouragement.

There are hundreds of activities to choose from, and most are prerequisites that lead to workshops in each learning target.
Workshops are led by specialists across TUMO Kyiv 8 learning targets. They range from beginner to advanced and culminate in individual or team projects.

Each project is published to the participant’s portfolio and is sometimes submitted to competitions and festivals, or published online and on app stores.
Project Labs
Project Labs are offered on an ad hoc basis by top technology and design professionals from around the world. Over 100 of these instructors come to TUMO centers every year to lead advanced labs and to work with TUMO teens on real life projects.

Labs can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.
The TUMO path
TUMO’s innovative Path application combines activities, workshops and labs into a personal learning plan.

The learning plan is a constantly evolving timeline that can span two or more years. It suggests the best route for each learner to take through the TUMO program, and dynamically adapts to their pace and preferences over time. As teens progress through the timeline, completing projects and leveling up, they build up a portfolio of results that becomes their living diploma.


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