How long does studing at TUMO Kyiv last?
How long to study at TUMO Kyiv is up to you. We will be glad to see you for 7 years. During this time you will be able to gain practical knowledge in all 8 areas of study and create at least 21 own projects. And also – to work in a team with leading experts of world-famous companies! If you decide to focus only on specific areas, your training period can be reduced to two years. However, according to our statistics, 92% of TUMO students in different countries strive to maintain a tumonian status for as long as possible. After all, TUMO is a lifestyle full of freedom and opportunities for realization.
How many learning targets can I choose?
Becoming a student of TUMO Kyiv you choose 3 areas to start your study. However, if in a week or a month you realize that you don’t enjoy one of these areas, you just change it. So you study in 3 areas at the same time, but can change this set at any time.
What do I get for learning outcomes?
Real practical experience embodied in your portfolio. Your individual and team projects are collected here that better than any certificates and diplomas not just confirm, but demonstrate everything you can. This is something that deserves the attention of global companies and something that really has a price in the labor market.
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